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31st Aug 2023 7 min read

Top 5 must-have Smartphone Accessories

It's astonishing to see how far the smartphone market has come, with new features continually enhancing these palm-sized devices. From compasses to fingerprint scanners, smartphones now offer a multitude of features.

What Are Smartphone Accessories?

Smartphone accessories are additional gadgets/tools that complement your handset, enhancing its functionality and longevity. These accessories often come with unique features that extend the usefulness of your smartphone. Here are the top must-have smartphone accessories:

1. Physical Protection

Today's flagship smartphones can be quite expensive, making it essential to protect them from physical damage. Screen guards and compatible back covers are vital accessories to minimize wear-and-tear or damage. Glass-finished rear panels on some phones are particularly susceptible to damage, making these accessories a necessity.

2. Headphones and Earphones

Headphones and earphones are no longer optional accessories but essential for smartphone users. Brands like JBL and Boat offer a wide range of options, including wired, wireless, and ear pods. With some smartphone brands eliminating headphone jacks, wireless earphones have become increasingly popular.

3. Stylus

Professionals and students often need to share presentations or take notes on their smartphones. A good stylus can be invaluable in such situations, especially for devices with capacitive touch screens. Some smartphones, like Samsung's S-series with the S-pen, have made stylus use more versatile.

4. Gamepad

For gamers and streamers, gamepads are a must-have accessory. Playing on a small smartphone screen for extended periods can be challenging, and gamepads significantly enhance the gaming experience. There are various types of gamepads available, including those with side buttons, touch-sensitive controls, and full-fledged gamepads like PS4 controllers.

5. Smartwatch

In a fast-paced world, smartphones aren't always convenient. Smartwatches can bridge the gap by linking with smartphones, providing a compact wearable with easy accessibility. They are ideal for activities like driving, running, and offering remote access.

These are some of the essential gadgets that every smartphone user should consider in 2022. While the usage may vary, these accessories offer impressive utility.

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